• Stephanie Cain

Carob Pudding

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

This was a hit today :)

Carob Pudding

12.3 oz silken tofu

1 tsp vanilla

3 bananas

1 c nut butter

1/4 c coconut oil

6 Tbsp carob powder

3/4 c maple syrup

pinch of salt

Place all in blender and blend until creamy. Place in fridge or serve right away. YUM :)

You can also place bananas in the freezer on sticks and once frozen dip in the pudding. Make sure to put on a silicone mat or wax paper.

I like to store leftovers and put food away in glass jars that were previously canned from the store. This certainly helps the pocketbook and what is better to store in than glass?? :)

This jar was previously a 24 oz salsa jar. It has been reused many times over!

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