• Stephanie Cain

Frugal Living: Laundry Ball

This post and category is inspired by the sermon that was at our church this past Sabbath. Over the course of my life, I have learned to become more and more frugal. One thing I realized when I listened to this sermon is I can do better and share what I do well.

The most recent frugal thing I have done is invest in a laundry ball that has bio-ceramic beads in it therefore there is no need for laundry soap! This is amazing and wonderful as I was sharing a washer with other families that do not use chemical free soap and I decided to not put any soap in a load and see if all the soap from their loads washed out. When I watched the front load washer, there were soap suds! I wasn't thrilled about this as I strive for chemical free laundry.

Now, we have the laundry ball and it stays in the washer at all times, all we do is switch the clothes. I could not be more thrilled. :D I bought my laundry ball on amazon. It was $13 and claims to be good for 1 year's worth of laundry if you do an 18# load of clothing per day.

Please see the link below to watch the sermon for yourself. The actual sermon starts 48 minutes in. <3

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