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Getting Started with the Family Bible Lessons

Updated: May 6, 2019

The Family Bible Lessons (FBL) are an amazing set of FREE Bible lessons for ages birth - 9. It is a 3 year cycle that you repeat 3 times. Don't let the suggested age throw you off though. This is also excellent for adults. The only reason it is recommended for birth to age 9 is because there is a second set of SonLight Bible lessons (Desire of all Nations) that can begin at age 9, after the FBL has been completed. 

When you are first getting started, I recommend joining the SonLight facebook group and printing the lessons and activity book for the quarter you are working on and collating them. I laminated covers for each lesson and added a slash jacket for supplemental pages. I find that this works really well for me so that I can go to the activity book and print out the pages I want them to write on/color and I have all the stories with the lesson. As an alternative, you could 3 hole punch each lesson and place in a plastic folder. Then when you are done with that week, you grab the next set. 

I also recommend having a 3 ring binder for your children to keep their activity pages in so they can keep them organized and go back and review. At the end of each quarter, I plan to spiral bind their completed pages for them to have a reminder book to look back on :)

These songs are excellent to add to your worship to sing along with or to sing/listen to throughout your day.

So you want to start the FBL. What do you need to do? Download the files & print activity pages. Which lesson should you start with? It depends. If your church currently uses My Bible First, I would recommend selecting the quarter and lesson that lines up with it since your children have already covered the previous lessons - not as in depth as the FBL but it has still been covered and it will be easier (in my opinion) to align with the church lesson. Otherwise, definitely start at the beginning!

Year 1 (My Bible First refers to it as Year A)

Y1Q1 - Creation to Abraham & Isaac, Plants and Trees

​Y1Q2 - Rebekah to Manna, Insects

Y1Q3 - Water, a Battle, and … to Achan, Flowers

Y1Q4 - The Gibeonites to David, Butterflies & Moths

Year 2 (Year B)

Y2Q1 - Saul to the Syrian Army, Birds

Y2Q2 - Joash to Job, Rocks & Minerals

Y2Q3 - Baby John to Healings, Water

Y2Q4 - A Woman at to How to Forgive, Mammals

Year 3 (Year C)

Y3Q1 - Ten Lepers to At Simeon's Feet, Reptiles & Amphibians

Y3Q2 - Jesus' Entry to Emmaus, Gardening

Y3Q3 - Why did Jesus Die to Peter's Vision, Wonders of the Sea

Y3Q4 - Prison Doors Opened to Heaven, Astronomy

There is a training course that is highly informational that I recommend. It is called the 10 Principles Course. It is a huge book and will take a motivated person 6 months to complete. That being said - DON'T let this deter you from starting the FBL! You can do them simultaneously.

The Catalog Road Map & Route, page 28 (see below) has a sample outline for how to include the FBL throughout your entire day and gives your information and helpful tips on getting started.

Click on this photo below and use right arrow to slide to other schedules.

The main thing to focus on with the FBL is learning the Bible lesson, memory verse, doing a nature study that ties to the lesson (included in the FBL) and working on developing the character quality. The habits we help our children to form now will be the habits they have for life. This really hit home for me when reading Patriarchs and Prophets Chapter 15, especially pages 175-176. (Listen/watch this chapter) Everything we let them do is training them! Let us train them diligently <3

I also highly recommend watching the Family Bible Camp videos where you can receive a basic training for using SonLight materials.

Nature Resources:

Handbook of Nature by Anna Comstock, read pages 1-24 before choosing a topic, pdf version here

Fun with Nature Take Along Guide

More Fun with Nature Take Along Guide (I read the bird section to my daughter several times when she was 3 - per her request - and she amazed us when she saw birds in the wild an was able to identify them based on the information learned from this book!)

Download these awesome notebooking pages!

Subscribe to this Handbook of Nature blog.

Subscribe to this Notebooking Pages blog as well :)

Learn the Benefits of Narration

Character Resources:

Character First

IBLP Biblical Character Library

Studies in Character Building by Mrs. E. E. Kellogg

SonLight Character Qualities Book

A Hive of Busy Bees by Effie M. Williams

IBLP Character Sketches (I bought mine used)

Child's Book of Character Building: Growing Up in God's World - At Home, at School, at Play, Book 1 & 2 by Ron Coriell

The Narrow Way Character Curriculum

Character Building for Families Volumes 1 & 2

Other Resources:

Sample of a family doing the FBL

What to do with children from birth to 8 years old Part 1 and Part 2

Digital Felts Slideshows or Betty Lukens Felts (I found mine on eBay already cut out! :) )

SonLight's Pinterest Page

Bible Story Hour

A wonderful supplement to start right away with the FBL is the Rainbow Covenant. It will help to add to your character/nature study and help to train the children right away to recognize a rainbow color and tie it with their character meanings.

White: Purity

Red: Sacrifice

Orange: Judgment (or consuming fire)

Yellow: Divinity

Green: Faith

Blue: Obedience

Indigo: Royalty (Priesthood)

Violet: Obedience Unto Death

I purchased this set of construction paper from Walmart for $2.27. There are 10 sheets per color. They will need to be cut down as they are 9x12"

If you would like to make a cover like the one above, here is the file. You can use permanent marker to add name at the top.

Another wonderful supplement: the materials from Lois Eggers

Her videos can be watched on youtube and her felt sets and books can be ordered from Teresa Kodimer.

Bible Story Hour uses some of her materials from Creative Christian Parenting in their videos.

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