• Designed with you in mind, our 100% organic comforter/duvet only has to be aired, not washed! It is all natural and has high quality (100%) cotton to keep the wool from coming through. The wool is washed and combed (never dipped in acid as others are) and then professionally quilted to keep the wool from moving. It will fluff up within 5-6 weeks of use and won't ever flatten.


    It is a once in a lifetime purchase, you will never need to buy again!


    Wool is the perfect material for bedding. It is far superior to polyester, feather, down, or silk which trap your heat and lead to disturbed sleep. Wool helps to regulate temperature reducing restlessness giving you the best nights' sleep ever. It wicks moisture away and will even regulate two different bodies in the same bed!


    We offer three weights. Our most popular is medium. Custom sizing also available.


    Light - 300/350 grams per square meter

    Suitable for:

    • warmer months
    • use in very warm houses
    • people who suffer from night sweats
    • people who prefer a very light duvet


    Medium - 400-450 grams per square meter

    This is our most versatile weight. Suitable for most months of the year in the average house. 


    Winter - 500-550 grams per square meter

    Suitable for:

    • colder winter months
    • cold houses with limited heating
    • people who prefer a weightier duvet
    • people who particularly feel the cold



    Wool is a naturally self cleaning fiber that actively repels dust mites, mold spores, and bacteria.  Your Baavet wool duvet does not need washing unless visibly soiled. Your Baavet will benefit greatly from being outside on a sunny day as UV light is a natural cleaner. We recommend you try to air your Baavet at least once a year.  If your Baavet becomes visibly soiled then spot wash smaller stains.  If a spot wash is not practical then you can wash your Baavet, with care. Wool will shrink if it is washed too aggressively or if subject to anything more than warm water so use a very delicate wash with cold water. Spin and then hang to dry away from direct heat. Any dry cleaning should also be a very gentle process.

    Baavet Wool Quilted Comforter 100% Organic

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